Intro To All The Modules/Classes

For over 20 years, we've helped make college a reality for high school students and their families. And for the first time ever, we've packaged our winning strategies into a home study program that'll help your child get the upper-hand when application season arrives.

This five module course walks you through our time-tested and proven process for all college planning tasks. Each course is a ten part series offering the best tips and tricks for preparing for college.

The College Planning 
Master Class

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This online master class walks you through our time-tested and proven process for all college planning activities including standardized testing, financial aid, essay writing, and more.

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The ADHD & ADD Planning Accelerator

Discover how to prepare for college with special ADHD and ADD strategies and feel more comfortable along the way.

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The College  Admissions Essay Writing Accelerator

In this course, learn essay writing best practices like how to choose a topic, how to stand out from other students, timing, and how to prepare your essay in advance.

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The Career Planning Accelerator

Learn about career assessments, creating a compelling student profile, resume-building/brag sheet, internships and more.

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The Financial Aid 

Save time and money with financial aid advice like FAFSA and CSS profile consulting, federal verification, scholarship services, planning a strategic budget for college, and more.

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The Standardized Testing Accelerator

Learn the differences between the exam types, practice tips, testing strategies, and which tests are optional.

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Avoid Common Mistakes

We’ve done all the “heavy lifting” for you, so you don’t have to scour the Internet looking for answers. We help navigate the complicated waters of the admissions and financial aid process so you can relax while other parents are stressing out. Feel confident that you made the right decision for your child that’s right for your future, and your budget. Fund your child’s college through scholarships and grants, no matter your income, social status, or if your child didn’t graduate with the best grades.