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Financial Analysis and Planning Program

Our “numbers only” program, for the family who is comfortable with the admissions and financial aid form filing processes, but who feel left in the dark when it comes to costs and writing checks to the schools!

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Financial Aid Program

Our form preparation and review program for the family who knows little about the Financial Aid Application Process including the follow-up required to apply for financial aid each year.

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Admissions Program

Our program for the student needing help identifying majors aligning with their career goals and objectives, college selection, SAT/ACT test prep, and the entire admissions application process!

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Ducerus Enrollment Services


So, just how much is this going to cost and how are we going to pay for it?

You’ve chosen an awesome place to start this whole process… our Financial Analysis and Planning program allows our team to put your financial situation under a microscope, diagnose the issues which present the largest hurdles for your family. We don’t stop there, upon analysis of your circumstances, we then provide you with comprehensive solutions (yes… more than one option will be presented to you!) to those problems by working closely with you in determining the best course of action based on your specific needs and outcome. Highlights include: EFC Calculations, Financial Status Review, and Customized College Plan Created provided with Various Planning Strategies surrounding your specific situation. By enrolling in the Ducerus Financial Analysis and Planning Program you position your family securely by receiving:

Financial Analysis and Planning Program Basic Enrollment
Calculate Federal and Institutional Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)
Review Family Financial Data
Create Customized College Plan
Provide Cash Flow, Debt Consolidation, Tax Capacity, and other applicable Planning Strategies


I know where I’m going and have declared my major, but I know nothing about financial aid, let alone how to get it… I need your expertise!

This is one of our most popular enrollment programs and is designed for parents who are too busy (or too nervous to make the same mistakes that most parents make!) to learn the ins and outs of the tiring process of applying for financial aid. Our Financial Aid program gives our families peace-of-mind knowing that we (the experts in this field!) are gathering and verifying the appropriate information, preparing and reviewing financial aid applications for the schools your student has applied to, providing guidance on the follow-up and additional requirements individual asked, and most importantly… ensures all of these complicated steps are done ON TIME and CORRECTLY the first time! Highlights include: Access to scholarship databases, FAFSA and CSS Profile preparation and review, tax updates, verification/institutional form preparation, 4 hours of consulting time, plus changes in circumstances and appeal/negotiation assistance- all individualized based not only on your family and your student… but based on the SCHOOLS they are applying to or are already attending. By enrolling in the Ducerus Financial Aid Program you have peace of mind.

Financial Aid Program Basic Enrollment Deluxe Enrollment Premium Enrollment
Number of Schools Included 1-10 Schools 1-20 Schools Unlimited!
Provided Access to “Need Based” and “Merit Based” Scholarship Database
FAFSA Preparation and Review
CSS-Financial Aid Profile Preparation and Review
Financial Aid Application Tax Update Guidance (when requested)
Prepare and Review: Federal Verification Forms  
Prepare and Review: Institutional Financial Aid Forms  
Review: Business/Farm Supplement Forms  
Change in Circumstances, Appeal, and Negotiation Assistance (when applicable)  
IDOC Service Preparation and Review    


College? You mean I have to apply to schools I’ve researched and visited, that have my major, what major? Yikes, I need your help!

We developed this enrollment option as a way to support not only students, but also to give high school guidance counselors much needed support as well! Our dedicated, involved, and highly educated team of admissions program professionals guides students through each phase of the college and university admissions process. We offer varying levels of this enrollment to ensure each student receives the time, attention, and guidance that they need to make this process seamless and individualized based on THEIR needs. Each student who participates our Admissions program will find themselves in the “right” school, with the “right” major, and the “right” path for success in life! Highlights include: One-On-One Student Appointments, Online College Preparation Courses, SAT/ACT Preparation with Practice Tests and Admissions Application and Essay Review. By enrolling in the Ducerus Admissions Program you give your student:

Admissions Program Basic Enrollment Deluxe Enrollment Premium Enrollment
Individual, One-On-One, Appointments/Assistance (30 minutes per appointment) 6 12 Unlimited!
Essay Review 3 6 Unlimited!
Access to Career/Major/College Selection Software
Self-directed SAT/ACT Preparation
Ducerus College Prep Academy (Topic range is below. Courses are based on package enrollment) 14 Courses 24 Courses 41 Courses
• Getting the Most Out of your High School Career • Management of Time and Money • Motivation • Academic Tips • Standardized Test Preparation • College Search • Admissions Applications and Essays • College Transition Tips