College Admissions and Applications

By optimizing the college application and admissions process, our unique approach saves families more time and money than if they were to attempt the process on their own. Our Application and Admission services include college selection, financial analysis (cost / savings comparisons), application essay advisement, letters of recommendation gathering, and applications follow up. Your student’s college application will need to make a strong impression. With admission and financial aid at stake, certain aspects of the application will require extra attention. At Ducerus, we offer support in the following critical areas:



We help you take all the proper steps to a successful enrollment, whether you are planning to enroll in a single college, or applying to many - you'll want a college enrollment specialist on your side.

Application Follow-Up

Submitting applications is only the beginning. There is more follow-up involved if you want to ensure you get into the colleges of your choosing. Don't wait until it is too late to give it your best shot.

Recommendation Letters

Our experts work with students to identify individuals who would make great recommendations. We then help keep the letter writers, as well as students, on task to ensure deadlines are met. If need be, we can offer helpful tips to first-time letter writers as well.

Essay Construction

Having been in the business for over twenty years, we know a good essay when we see one. We also know how to bring an average essay (or even just an idea) to a place where it can begin to work in your student's favor. From conception to development to completion, we are at the ready to work with your student.

Every Student Deserves A Chance!

Our philosophy at Ducerus is that every student deserves the chance to attend college. For over twenty years, our staff has worked to make this a reality for many families. We not only offer personalized solutions, but help you implement them as well. From FAFSA forms to college essays, we’re with you every step of the journey both before and during college.

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