About Ducerus

How did we become the leading College Planning Firm?

Where do we start? 

Let’s just go to the very beginning of our story. 

We have been guiding parents and students through the entire college planning process since 1993 when our Founder Ron Caruthers began his college planning firm in Vista, California. 

Our vision here at Ducerus is simple: provide families with a dedicated team of professional college advisors and support squad who understands every minute detail of admissions, analysis and proper planning of a wide-range of financial situations, the complicated financial aid process, and test preparation.

 We’re not just helping families survive the process, we’re ensuring they thrive and achieve extraordinary results.

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What does Ducerus mean?

Ducerus is derived from the Latin word "ducere" which means "to lead" and "to guide." This mirrors two things about Ducerus: we are the leader in college planning and we guide our families through this confusing and complicated process to ensure their dreams and goals are met.

Our Vision

To provide all families with their Total College Solution and to ensure every student has a chance to attend college and achieve their dreams.

Our Core Values

Our core values include each and every college planner that works with you is knowledgeable, passionate, reliable, honest, and that you find them indispensable!

Our Mission

We believe that every child can be empowered to identify, pursue, and achieve the future they desire.

We guide, enlighten, and enrich the lives of our families through communication and strategic planning with the goal of providing them with peace of mind. We exceed client expectations through our passion, honesty, and reliability.


What to expect from our free college planning evaluations?

By offering the community free evaluations, we have become a trusted extension of education professionals, in particular, high school counselors. We expand on the advice they provide your students, thus preparing them further for college applications. 

Topics covered in our evaluations include:

  • Best practices for college planning and the admissions / applications process.
  • How to properly fund college (regardless of income or assets).
  • Mistakes to avoid when applying for FAFSA, grants, scholarships or loans.
Our Services